Professor Doctor Sylvio Panizza

... "a life dedicated to the study and research of medicinal plants."

This October 2019 Dr.Sylvio Panizza received a posthumous tribute for his work on plant science.

The XX Pharmaceutical Congress of São Paulo honored Dr. Sylvio Panizza among others by being part of the ILLUSTRATIVE FAMILY PANEL an initiative of the CRF-SP Senior Committee that provided and revered some of the outstanding pharmacists in the history of the profession in the state of São Paulo.

Her granddaughter Isabella Panizza attended and honored the event and could not fail to highlight the work done by her Grandfather Dr. Sylvio Panizza in the Panel of Illustrious Pharmacists. Always focusing its work with Foreign Trade with its Outsourcing in order to regulate the resulting operations. Responsible for planning and monitoring activities and import and export indexes.
Where to buy Panizza Products?

Panizza has two own stores to serve the final consumers, in the city of São Paulo.

In addition, it distributes to several pharmacies of manipulation and homeopathic of all Brazil. Know more ...

The Panizza Laboratory

Who already knows the Laboratory Panizza, knows that its good image is the reflection of a permanent search for Quality.

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How it all began...
In just over 10 years, a small laboratory has become a respected center for research and preparation of Brazilian natural products: The Panizza Laboratory.
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The Prof.  Sylvio Panizza directed his research to the study of plants and their healing power.

As a pharmacist-biochemist, he became a university professor in the area of ​​Medicinal Plants and made his career until becoming a Full Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of São Paulo.  He is considered one of the largest Brazilian authorities in the area of ​​pharmacobotonics.

Author of numerous scientific works and publications in specialized magazines in the area of ​​health.

Very well known and respected for his in-depth knowledge of medicinal plants.

He became nationally known due to the success of the "Cheiro de Mato" painting, which was produced and presented by him since 1989, transmitted through Rede Bandeirantes.

Holistic Center Prof.  Panizza

The Holistic Center Prof.  Panizza in Embu das Artes / SP, was designed to be a nucleus for research and dissemination of medicinal plants, as well as a center for courses and conventions.

The tourist infrastructure of the center consists of:

• Eight suites with television and ventilation;

• Modern and functional architecture with emphasis on its winter gardens;

• Two convention rooms and courses, one of them with capacity for eighty people;

• Dining room overlooking a large area of ​​environmental preservation;

•  Pool;

• Solarium;

• Recreational area with self guided trails;

• Area for beekeeping;  In addition to nursery of medicinal plants and small laboratory of phytotherapeutic researches

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