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Panizza Laboratory


"Our mission is the permanent search for the research, development, production and commercialization of health promotion in products that are of quality, safety and efficiency, aiming at preserving and restoring the balance of all who use it, and always in harmony with the  environment."

Controlled Production in each Stage:

From the point of view of production, natural raw materials are of the best provenances, cultivated in scientifically conducted areas, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Wild species are harvested in locals where are far from polluted areas;  its harvesting and its transport are carried out preserving its natural habitat and guaranteeing the maintenance of the active properties and principles of the plants.  The drying is done in greenhouses appropriate to each species;  all the handling deserves special care, a careful system of packaging and storage.  The realization of continuous and rigorous tests complete and translate how much of professionalism and affection are dedicated in the preparation of Panizza Products.

Panizza products are natural and healthy:

Panizza Products are developed to ensure the balance and well-being of the population, with recognized effectiveness as a co-adjuvant in the treatments prescribed by health professionals, being presented in the form of: Encapsulated, Dyes, Teas, Cosmetics, Lotions,

Shampoos and Soaps.

Panizza Laboratory also invests in the research and development of new products and active principles that adapt to the new requirements of the market, always launching innovative products.

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